Business Information Systems Presentation Module Assignment (Solved)


Current technological advancements can help an organisation survive and grow in a modern competitive environment. Discuss this statement paying particular attention to the following points:

  • This topic requires the analysis of one current technological trend in areas such as computer hardware, software platforms, databases, and networks.
  • A brief explanation of the selected emerging technology and any benefits gained from its use need to be provided. State examples.
  • Examine the ethical or social constraints that are connected to the technological trend.

You are an IS/business consultant who has been brought in a business conference to present an evolving technology and it benefits to the directors of SMEs and large organisations. How will you present your case?

Important Information

Based on the areas covered during lectures and seminars (Weeks 1 – 5), you are required to make a 3-4 min individual presentation on the aforementioned topic. You are expected to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of the subject matter. Consequently, your work should highlight not only the key areas raised but the reasoning of the positions you are taking too.

Also, demonstrating the relationship between theory and practice will enable you to gain further understanding of the literature. In simple terms, you need to use your critical thinking and show how/why theories you were taught in-class link with real world scenarios. Therefore, the use of examples/case studies is of vital importance.

Although we expect you to use concepts that were covered in-class, your work needs to demonstrate research undertaken beyond the lecture/seminar material. As a result, further reading is required! Whilst doing your research it is your responsibility to ensure the credibility of the sources you use; please check both the module handbook and PRES1 guidance in the lecture (week 4)/seminar (week 5) notes. These sessions aim at helping you not only to become more familiar with academic and/or credible sources but also to find out how to reference based on Harvard system.  

You are expected to submit your PowerPoint slides by the agreed deadline on Moodle. Then, your work will need to be presented via MS Teams during your live (synchronous) session/seminar in the following week (date TBC). No changes in the PowerPoint slides are allowed after submitting your work. Further information/guidance in relation to the process we will follow on the delivery day will be provided in our online classes.

A few ideas that need to be considered: a) Developing aesthetical, clear and coherent PowerPoint slides plays a significant role in effective presentations. b) Being a good presenter requires clear speech, good pace, appropriate tone and vocabulary but equally important engaging with the audience! 

Please familiarize yourself with the marking criteria in the following page so you are clear about the way in which marks will be allocated.

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