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From the Course Syllabus

Students will complete a written assignment related to their Career Development. This paper will connect readings and learning from DeCenzo, Lawler, and supplemental articles on Blackboard, especially from Week 11 about leadership development. 

In Lawler, the particular areas of interest will be the “Implications for Individuals” sections for each of the seven “Treat People Right Principles” found in chapters 4 through 10 (read page xv in the Preface to learn about Lawler’s purpose for including the “Implications for Individuals” sections in his text). 

These sections discuss how the course concepts relate to your personal relationship to organizations and your career success. No matter where students are on their career paths, examining these implications will allow you to engage in personal reflection and personal growth related to what you need to be successful. 

Your assignment must demonstrate critical thinking and connection to the course concepts. More detailed instructions are provided below.


What is Career Development?

Career development is about getting the most that you can out of your career. It requires self-assessment and self-reflection, figuring your career objectives, defining a career development plan, and implementing that plan. 

The first place to start with career development is self-assessment and self-reflection, which allow an individual to figure out what he/she needs and desires, what he/she likes and finds rewarding, and the areas that an individual needs to work on learning more about. 

Once this phase is completed, an individual can think about exploring career options, developing skills, marketing oneself to organizations, and being effective in the workplace! 

The focus of this paper is to draw on the reading and learning in this course to conduct a self-assessment of what would allow you to be a successful member of an organization and to be successful at driving your career forward on the path that you desire. Overall, the purpose of this assignment is to determine how the topics and concepts covered in this course relate to YOU, and what will make you most effective in an organization and in your career.


Connecting Course Readings & References to the Assignment

The information below outlines key readings that are required to develop your paper for this assignment.

Be sure to look at Chapter 9 for an overview of careers and career management. Other topics in DeCenzo may also catch your attention regarding how you would be most successful in a workplace and in your career.


  • Lawler Text Specific Areas about Individuals

It will be necessary to read all of the topics in Lawler to understand his implications and suggestions related to you as an individual. To make sure that students identify the key areas where Lawler points out implications for individuals, they are listed below.


Chapter 1 – Your Own Virtuous Spiral (page 19)

Chapter 2 and 3 – No specific areas for individuals. Be sure to read these chapters; they are enlightening.

Chapter 4 – Implications for Individuals (page 90-94)

Chapter 5 – Implications for Individuals (page 110-113)

Chapter 6 – Implications for Individuals (page 135-138)

Chapter 7 – Implications for Individuals (page 158-161)

Chapter 8 – Implications for Individuals (page 175-177)

Chapter 9 – Implications for Individuals (page 199-203)

Chapter 10 – Implications for Individuals (page 222-227)

Epilogue – Your Personal Virtuous Spiral (page 244-247)


  • Supplemental Readings

Any of the supplemental readings may be used for this assignment, students may especially like to think about how the Leadership Development (Week 11) articles might apply to their career development.

  • Other References

Students are expected to find three additional references to utilize in their paper. They can be about anything that will help them write this paper. The references might relate to career management, career development, personal development, leadership development, learning skills, marketing yourself to employers, etc.

Specific Assignment Instructions

This course provides a plethora of things for students to consider about their own role in organizations, and how they will be successful in their careers. These issues will relate to how the student needs to be nurtured, supported, rewarded, or led in an organization to be successful. Other issues might relate to skills that a student needs to learn or develop to be successful as a member of an organization and in his/her career.


The issues a student chooses to include in his/her paper may be anything from the course that caught the student’s attention regarding how the topics apply to his/her personal success as an employee and his/her career success. 

These insights can relate to any of the Seven Principles of Treating People Right, any of the topics in DeCenzo, or any of the supplemental readings. Overall, your goal is to decide how things that you have learned in this course about helping people be successful in organizations (and, in turn, allowing organizations to be successful) apply to YOU and your career

As you are reading, if a point or idea appeals to you as an individual, take note of it and think about how it applies to how you would be most successful in your career.


Students should select the 3 to 4 most salient issues that they have identified in this course, and write an insightful paper that shows understanding of the course material and critical thinking. Link the course concepts and insights to you and your career. Cite DeCenzo, Lawler, Supplemental Reading, and 3 additional references that you have identified on your own.


Summary of Instructions/Guidelines


  • Write a 4 to 6 page clear, concise, and insightful essay about the 3 to 4 take-away conclusions that you have been able to make about your personal success in an organization and in your career. Indicate specifically what you have learned, what insights you have gained, and what you need to do moving forward to learn more or achieve your desired career objectives.
  • There are many, many directions that you could go with your writing, and that direction is up to you. Be sure to identify a clear, coherent outline for your essay.
  • Tie your writing to the readings and cite them in APA (or MLA) style. You must cite Lawler and DeCenzo in your paper.
  • Find three additional references that help you describe your thinking and connect your ideas; cite these references in APA (or MLA) style.
  • Be clear and practical in what you describe.

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