Critical Evaluation Presentation Paper Guidelines

A critical evaluation paper is not a summary just describing the study- it must be critical (both positive and negative points)

You need to evaluate content and structure of all the different sections of an article:

  • Title
  • Abstract
  • Introduction
  • Method
  • Discussion
  • References

Title and Abstract

  • Is the title suitable? Too long or too short?
  • Is the abstract too long or too short?
  • You can refer to APA guidelines which will give you ideas about the ideal abstract and also to the journal’s own information for authors.
  • Is the necessary information included?
  • Should contain information on the introduction, method, results and discussion

The Introduction

  • Is the structure of the introduction from the general to the specific?
  • Are key terms defined for the reader?
  • Is all the necessary literature reviewed (and recent to the publication date) or is some key literature missing?
  • Is there an appropriate justification for the study linking the introduction to the aim?
  • Are the aims, hypotheses, research questions clearly stated?
  • Are the paragraphs well structured?

The Method

  • Is the sample adequate?
  • Are the materials adequate?
  • Is the research process clearly described?
  • Is there some vital information missing?
  • Is there enough information present for the reader to conduct the study?

The Results

  • Is the method of analysis appropriate for the research question?
  • Are the results well presented?
  • Are tables and figures used adequately and labeled correctly?

Critical Evaluation Discussion

  • Is the structure of the discussion from the specific to the general?
  • Is the aim restated?
  • Are main results listed and discussed?
  • Is appropriate literature used to discuss results?
  • Are there any interesting results (e.g., non-significant ones) which are not properly discussed?

Citations and References

  • Is the in-text referencing style adequate?
  • Is your paper format Following style required i.e., APA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard, etc.
  • Is the reference list adequate?
  • Are all the in-text citations listed in the reference section?
  • Are there recent references used or are references only older than 5 years?
  • This relates to the publication date of your article

The List of References

  • Make sure you include your own reference list with your reviewed paper listed along with any other sources you might have used to critique the paper.

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