Environmental Friendly House Assignment (Solved)

Integrated Project Target:

Designing/Presenting a Modern Environmentally Friendly House that matches UAE


Environmental Friendly House Project Objectives:

  • Elaborate the concept of sustainability
  • Enhance the concept of entrepreneurship
  • Suggest or create environmentally friendly /sustainable houses
  • Analyze the impact of environmentally friendly /sustainable houses on the environment
  • and on UAE’s resources
  • Evaluate the impact of environmentally friendly homes on raising the standards of life
  • Assess the impact of measurement/positions/orientation of different designs and shapes
  • of houses
  • Develop research skills, text analysis, and writing articles skill
  • Integration across Subjects 
  • Each teacher will explain related subject requirements. Then, the teachers will provide the students with the necessary support, as shown below.

English Language: 

Students will research the benefit of environmentally friendly houses. Then, they will collect

the most beneficial information and put it together in a well-organized deliverable

(PPT/Poster/report, etc.). Finally, students will showcase the value that is added to the UAE

environment by implementing this idea.

Ensure the following;

Authentic text, no copying, add references, and avoid plagiarism


  1. Biology

Students will research and conclude the effect of these houses on the environment and

how they may save UAE’s resources. Discuss the materials used to build such houses and

how we can modify our current houses to make them environmentally friendly.

  1. Physics:

 Students will analyze and suggest ideas on how environmentally friendly houses will save

energy and water.

  1. Chemistry:

Students will determine and explain how eco-friendly houses look like and what type

of materials can be eco-friendly.


Students will use the trigonometric ratios to measure the height of the houses which plays an

important role to decide what is the best height to let the sunlight goes into the building and to

adjust that height depending on that.

In addition to that they will use the inverse trigonometric ratios to measure the perfect angles to

also allow the sunlight in.


Students must be able to differentiate between the diverse types of costs associated with

environmentally friendly houses. How can we build a cost-effective building?

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