Key Operations and Project Management Failings in the Heathrow Terminal Five Project

Assessment 1:  Heathrow Terminal Five Business Report

Business Report Task

Use the Heathrow Terminal 5 Case Study, your own reading and research of Operations and Project Management concepts and models to answer the questions below in the form of a formal Business Report. This written Business Report must be individual and the product of your own work.

The Business Report should be written in the style of a management consultancy report analysing the planning and execution of the Heathrow Terminal Five project and seeking to present lessons learnt and operational knowledge in operation and project management gained in this unit.

You should specifically address the questions below:

  • Discuss 3 key Project Management Failings in the Heathrow Terminal Five Project and how these failings can be effectively mitigated or reduced in similar operations and capital projects.
  • Discuss 3 key Operations Failings in the Heathrow Terminal Five Project and how these failings can be effectively mitigated or reduced in similar operations and capital projects
  • Produce a comprehensive risk assessment plan including a risk log and risk probability/impact matrix for one of the IT related failures such as the baggage reconciliation system. Discuss suitable contingency plan that must have been put in place prior to the installation of the systems for each of the risks identified in your risk log.
  • How quality framework such as TQM and associated tools could be used to improve quality throughout the project including the initiation, planning, execution and delivery phases.

You must use relevant academic models, frameworks and concepts in your Business Report, demonstrated through credible and quality citations

The report should have a professional format (e.g. title page, executive summary, table of content, headings and sub-headings, introduction and conclusion, reference list, appendices, etc.). Pages must be numbered and a professional standard of presentation regarding fonts, size, etc. must be maintained throughout.

To pass Assessment 1, you will need to:

  • Apply project and operation management tools, concepts and techniques to provide an insight into a given context
  • Evidence practical understanding of project planning using project management software

To pass Assessment 2, you will need to:

  • Demonstrate how the functional disciplines within operations and project management influence the design of products and management of processes
  • Describe and evidence understanding of the key operations and projects management concepts tools and techniques.

To achieve a good grade, you need to evidence application of course concepts, models and theories to the problem set – including use of appropriate academic literature. Quality of argument, discussion and recommendations are also a necessity in achieving good outcomes in this unit. Make sure to fully study your course content as well as the marking scheme provided in the assessment brief. Make sure to evidence wider reading on the topic and pay extra attention to your referencing format making sure you have used full Harvard referencing format.

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