Labor Relations – HRM350 Research Project


Once you complete lesson 4, you’ll have learned about labor unions and the challenges they face going into the twenty-first century. You’ll write a research paper discussing how the Air Line Pilots Association, International (ALPA) earned its success as a union organization. Using what you’ve learned, you’ll need to explain what this association has done to organize successfully. Include details about the challenges it currently faces and how they relate to the challenges of labor unions in the United States generally. Based on what you learned, you’ll also need to recommend strategies to help this organization improve.


Prepare a research paper on the success and challenges of the ALPA. Include supporting research.

• In detail, describe at least four ways ALPA has been successful in organizing and at least four challenges it has faced.

• Discuss how these challenges relate to the challenges of labor unions in the United States.

• Recommend at least four strategies to help ALPA improve. Your project must be written in APA format and submitted as a Word document (.docx or .doc file format). You must include at least four valid references. Write a research paper of at least 1,000 words discussing the success, challenges, and recommended strategies of the ALPA.


The ALPA was founded in 1931 and represents more than 63,000 pilots from 35 US and Canadian airlines. This makes it the largest pilot union in the world. ALPA’s mission statement touts its commitment to collective bargaining and to representing all pilots in commercial aviation, and it has been deemed successful at doing so. As you learned in lesson 4, all labor unions face challenges as the world continues to change. This project requires you to use what you’ve learned about union organization to discuss what the ALPA has done to organize successfully. You’ll also discuss the challenges it currently faces and how they relate to the challenges of labor unions in the United States.


In approximately 1,000 words or more, use labor relations concepts to explain how th​‌‌‌‍‍‌‍‍‌‌‍‌‌‍‌‌‌‍‍​e ALPA has benefited pilots and the airlines they work for, including challenges they currently face and strategies to improve.

****Writing Guidelines****

Your submission must: 1. Be typed in a standard 12-point font, double spaced, with standard (1-inch) margins. 2. Be clear and specific 3. Include an APA-style references page that lists websites, journals, your textbook, and any other resources you used while preparing your research paper. Include APA in-text citations for direct quotes and paraphrasing. You must use at least four references. 4. Be proofread carefully. Be sure to check for correct spelling, grammar, punctuation, and capitalization.

****Grading Criteria****

Your project will be based on the following criteria:

• Content: 80 points

• Written communication: 10 points

• Format: 10 points

• Total: 100 points

Here’s a brief explanation of each of these points.


Points for content will be allocated based on the following: • Discussion of the assigned topic is clear, focused, and written in complete sentences and paragraphs. • The student supports his or her opinion by including APA in-text citations for specific information from reliable sources, including the textbook, the Penn Foster Virtual Library, government websites (.gov), nongovernmental organizations (.org), respected news sites, or other appropriate sources. • Please visit the Penn Foster Virtual Library for recommended resources for this project. • Writing is in the student’s own words, and the student uses quotation marks to indicate any direct quotations and includes proper APA in-text citations for quotes and paraphrasing. • Please adhere to the Penn Foster Academic Integrity Policy as outlined in the Penn Foster Undergraduate Catalog.

****Written Communication****

Points for written communication will be allocated based on the following: • The response includes an introductory paragraph, a text body, and a concluding paragraph. • Grammar, spelling, punctuation, and sentence structure are correct, and the paper contains no typographical errors. • The student uses transitio​‌‌‌‍‍‌‍‍‌‌‍‌‌‍‌‌‌‍‍​n words and active voice to convey content clearly.

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