Performance Management: How to align employee performance with business strategy

Assignment Requirements

 Discuss best practices to address the issue, present a case study of how a specific
organization handled the issue, recommends implementation strategies for other
organizations, and identifies three insights gained into effective people management.
 Must be a well-constructed presentation and cite and reference six or more sources and
adhere to APA guidelines.
Your presentation must address the following key points:
• Identify and describe the people management issue and its importance to HR and management.
• Discuss best practices to address the HRM issue including defining key terms and presenting
current theories and research that validates the effectiveness of recommended practices.
• Present a case study describing how a specific organization addressed this issue comparing
identified best practices to the organization’s implementation.
• Recommend implementation strategies for other organizations discussing the responsibilities of
Human Resources and line management.

• Identify and discuss three insights into effective people management your team gained from its
research and analysis.

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