Psychology and Personal Growth and Development Assignment

 Personality and Personal Growth

Week 4: Instructions for creating your FINAL PROJECT (100 POINTS)

Purpose. This paper (or short video, or a visually focused power point) asks you to integrate your learning and experience.  Which theories intrigued you or loudly spoke to you and why? What would it mean to be a fully integrated and developed human being?

 Personality and Personal Growth Topics

Your reflection is not about being a better person in terms of “good and bad” (not a matter of self-criticism or judgment of you or others). Nor do you want to identify with traumatic stories as you are much, much more. Instead, consider your life up until now as a rich tapestry – woven of many threads of differing textures and colors.  Each of your experiences contributes to the whole.  Most of your experiences can be defined by Freudian, Jungian, Adlerian, Rogerian, etc., theories—but let’s take this further.

Alfred Adler noted that a healthy human being (feeling good about yourself and life) evidences itself in the manner in which we contribute to making the world a better place. 

Abraham Maslow addressed Self-Actualization. This occurs when one maximizes individual potential. You do the best you can do and then more—moving through fear, limitations, other people’s expectations and so forth.  You can embrace the unknown—moving toward possibilities just waiting around the bend.  This is because purposefulness is your motivation and you take the route of the bigger picture. The motivation is one of becoming a fully functioning human being. Some examples are Gandhi, Martin Luther King, 2011 Nobel Peace Prize recipient Leymah Gwobee and many others.  Each of these held a greater purpose. 

Part of our journey is recognizing, dealing with and integrating our personal experiences as each has its contribution for better or for worse. Each experience has taught us something.  This assignment asks you to recognize this as you create a vision for a meaningful future. You have been learning about theories for healing and transformation. Now it’s time to apply them.

How has this course learning changed you?  How will it continue to change you?

Be creative and thoughtful as you envision your life and the life you want to lead—one that contributes to a healthier world for all.

Task. In 8 to 10 pages, address the topic as it holds meaning for you.    It is important that you also do some academic research to support what you define, citing it in what should be perfect APA style.

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