Solved! The Case Study Method Assignment

  1. Immerse yourself in the situation by knowing all of the details of what happened or is happening.
  • Write out the cast of persons involved (names, characteristics, statements attributed to them, attributes revealed, inter-relations, responsibilities, etc.
  • Chart the chronology of the sequence of events in the case. (Briefly) 
  1. Analyze the case.
  • Identify the basic issues. This is the most important step in the process.
  • Attempt to anticipate the various possible alternatives available to the decision-maker(s), assuming that each is adequately informed and rational.
  • Ask yourself: What will be the likely results of this or that decision?
  • Reflect on the facts of the case. Try to put yourself in the situation and consider what the individuals in the case are thinking and feeling.
  1. Use your research materials (essays or other materials) to help you clarify or resolve the issue(s) at stake. You must show evidence of incorporating the essays from your text (theory) as well as lecture material (theory and pillars) in the case analysis. Use additional research as needed.
  2. Decide on a proper course of action. What decision might you have made given the conditions and information available?  Be prepared to defend or substantiate your decision.  Remember, no decision is likely to be free from risk.  Therefore, there is no single right answer.

Use the following format for your paper:

  1. Brief summary of the case
  2. Cast of Characters:
  • Sequence of events:
  1. Major issues:
  2. Alternative solutions:
  3. Recommendation (s):

All essays must be typed, double-spaced, and otherwise conform to APA standards.

Each Case Study shall be 2-3 pages, APA, 1” margins not including the title page or reference page. See above for headings.

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