The Rain Man (1988) Film Analysis Assignment

Watch the film Rain Man (1988) For this activity, View the film through the lens of someone analyzing the interpersonal relations and societal attitudes of the other characters in the film regarding the person with disability.

In preparation for this in-depth review, find a website (No Wikipedia please!) that provides reliable information about this particular disability (such websites are published by subject matter experts or are sponsored by the leading professional organizations in the field of disability and disability studies).

Use the information gleaned from your website as a reference in responding to the prompts below. These prompts are provided to help you organize your review response. Also, remember to use people first language as you write your summary.

Your Movie Reflection should be a minimum of two double-spaced pages (no more than four pages) and it should address all items indicated below. Use third person APA format, include in-text citations and references and spell out acronyms the first time used.

Specific Movie Review Assignment Instructions

  1. Movie reference (title, director, date of original movie release, etc.) in APA format;
  2. Movie summary (this should be a short synopsis of the movie, outlining the plot, setting, time frame, etc.)
  3. Related ​‌‌‌‍‍‍‌‌‌‍‍‌‌‌‍chapter or website reference in APA format
  4. List problems this character (the one with the disability) faced. Then describe how each problem may or may not be related to the disability (e., these problems are typical for people this age).
  5. Reflect on social inclusion/exclusion indicators in the movie. Was this character included in activities typical for people his/her age? If yes, what enabled him/her to be included? If no, what could have been done to include this character in typical activities?
  6. Describe further how others (without disabilities) treated this character. How did this treatment impact the character’s life? Provide specific examples from the movie.
  7. Analyze the character’s supports. Did this character have a support network? Who or what persons or agencies assisted the character or were barriers to them? Describe three ways that this movie provided accurate or inaccurate information about the disability (for example, which problems are characteristic of people with that type of disability, and with this disability?) were the character’s behaviors typical for people.

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