To Sell Is Human Book Review Assignment Questions

Assignment Instructions

Provide the following in a report on the book “To sell is Human.”

  • Write a review/summary of the book(5pages). In the review include the table of contents of the book (if it’s too long you can put it in the appendix) and how it’s structured, any frameworks/concepts used, a few clear good examples and interesting quotes and insights.
  • Write a critique of the book. What did you like most about the book? Why? What do you disagree with Author on? Why? If you don’t disagree, what would you add/what did the Author miss perhaps? Or what needs more clarification? Be specific. I need around 1 page here.
  • Provide at least one critique of the book that was published in a known media outlet (not Goodreads or a blog unless approved). Provide a summary of this critique, do you agree or disagree with it? why?
  • Write your thoughts about the book.(small paragraph 250 words or so)
  • Write a draft email that can be sent to the Author about the book and your thoughts on it.
  • Provide references as seen needed (e.g. the critiques).
  • The table of contents of the book can be included in an Appendix if it’s long.
  • Include a picture of any framework or steps used as a reference.
  • The report should be between 4-5 pages (excludes cover page, table of contents and appendix) with 12 points Times Roman font (single spaced).

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